About Parkridge Bone & Joint

Parkridge Bone & Joint is led by Chattanooga orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Martin Redish. Together with his care team of experienced physician assistants and nurses, Dr. Redish provides compassionate orthopedic care and innovative joint replacement services.

At Parkridge Bone & Joint, we’re equipped to handle your unique situation, no matter how complex. After over 30 years of experience with orthopedic trauma and general orthopedics, Dr. Redish has mastered multiple techniques that are used in all of the joints. Dr. Redish has successfully pioneered new surgical methods for partial knee replacement, minimally invasive knee resurfacing, severe bunion deformities and calcaneus (heel bone) fractures.

Whether you suffer from degenerative arthritis or repeated joint injuries, we hand craft the perfect solution for you. At Parkridge Bone & Joint, we believe that excellent orthopedic care is a lot like gardening - we have to work with Mother Nature, not try to impose our will on it. We will help develop the most natural treatment methods to get your joints feeling great again.

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