At Parkridge Bone & Joint, we believe in furthering the orthopedic practice through research and experience. Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Martin Redish, has spent the last 15 years developing and perfecting new techniques for joint replacement and orthopedic surgery. He has also trained with expert hand surgeons and noted joint replacement pioneers so he uses the most advanced practices to care for patients in Chattanooga.

After serving as a general orthopedist and orthopedic trauma surgeon, Dr. Redish combined experience working on complex and non-traditional cases to pioneer new techniques.

Innovative Techniques

Dr. Redish successfully created new surgical methods for fractures of the calcaneus (heel bone) and the ankle. For severe bunion deformities of the foot, Dr. Redish also developed the use of innovative internal fixation used for corrective surgery. He combines a technique commonly used for knee surgery with an appliance designed for hand surgery to create the perfect solution to correct bunions in the big toe joint. This procedure allows patients to bear weight almost immediately after surgery and recover quickly without a cast.

Partial Knee Replacement

Dr. Redish has worked as a consultant for medical device companies — Biomet and Mako Surgical Corporation — to design special implants for partial knee replacement. Using the Repicci technique, Dr. Redish is able to perform the least invasive orthopedic surgery for knee replacement so patients can have a fast recovery. After 15 years perfecting this technique, Dr. Redish teaches this procedure to other orthopedic surgeons.