Parkridge Bone & Joint - July 31, 2019

Summer brings fun and sun... and the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. One major way we can reap the benefits? Head outside for your next workout!

The best part is that no matter your fitness level or abilities, there are activities outdoors that can get you moving and in better health. Let's take a look at some low-impact exercises that you can do in the Chattanooga area.

What Is Low-Impact Exercise?

Exercise is exercise, right? Not necessarily.

There are broadly two types of exercise—low impact and high impact.

When you are performing a low-impact exercise, you are putting less stress on various parts of your body and reducing your risk of injury. This type of workout is particularly effective for people who suffer from joint issues, are pregnant or are just starting back into a workout routine.

And there are tons of potential activities out there to do! Here are a few:


Is anyone in the mood to go swimming? You don't have to be a professional swimmer in order to reap the benefits of this low-impact exercise.

Since the buoyancy of the water counteracts the force of gravity, swimming is a perfect workout that allows you to strengthen joints without putting too much stress on your joints and muscles.

In addition, swimming can help to improve the spinal column, which makes it the perfect low-impact workout for people who suffer from back issues.


Whether you are looking for a different way to get moving or you are trying out a new stress-management technique, yoga can be both an indoor and outdoor activity that helps to increase your endorphins while stretching your body with simple, less strenuous moves.

These seemingly simple movements can have a big impact, without the wear and tear on your body. Check out local classes or look up some workouts on your computer or phone to get started! Then take your workout to the lawn.

Walking or Hiking

Do not underestimate the power of a good walk! Walking offers a plethora of benefits, and getting in a 30-minute walk each day has the potential to greatly improve your health.

Chattanooga is packed with places you can get your walk on outside in Mother Nature's paradise. Whether you choose a walk on flat surface or head up into the hills, there's something for everyone out there. Just don't forget to slather on the sunscreen and insect repellent!

Did you suffer an injury while working out? Stop by our Walk-In Clinic for an evaluation and treatment plan.